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Laboratory for Social and Cognitive Informatics

The Social and Cognitive Informatics Laboratory (SCILA), established in November 2019, is the successor of the Laboratory for Internet Studies (LINIS) and builds upon its team and some of its previous research. Its founding international supervisor is Prof. Steffen Staab, the head of the Institute of Web Science and Technologies (WeST) as of the time of SCILA establishment. The current supervisor of our laboratory is  Prof. Paolo Rosso from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).

SCILA’s interdisciplinary team seeks to investigate and model interaction of individual humans and groups with information, knowledge, respective technologies and with other humans using these technologies.  The research strongly relies both on the knowledge from social, behavioral and cognitive sciences and on the cutting-edge approaches from computer science, including machine learning and computational linguistics. As much of information processing happens online, Internet—the previous focus of the Lab’s research—is an integral part of the SCILA’s studies.



Kirill Bryanov at the IAMCR meeting

SCILA Research Fellow presented a paper on the perceptions of foreign news coverage credibility in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia at the International Association for Media and Communication Research meeting.

Polina Panicheva at the Data Science Meetup GPN

2 July Polina Panicheva gave a talk "Predicting psychological well-being with digital traces" at one of the most anticipated online meetups of this summer.

Congratulations! Kirill Bryanov and Victoria Vziatysheva have published a new article in PLOS ONE!

Within the framework of the FakeNews project colleagues from SCILA prepared a review article on various projects of empirical investigations of people’s susceptibility to false information online.

SCILA at the WebSci’21

SCILA team discussed online experiments during the workshop at the WebSci’21

Olessia Koltsova at the ICA 2021 Regional Hub

May 27 the head of SCILA Olessia Koltsova took part in the Q&A Session at the 71st Annual ICA Conference and shared the most important tips for publishing in high impact journals.

Olessia Koltsova presented SCILA's projects at the expert seminar "Open Campus"

On the 12th of May Olessia Koltsova took part in a regular seminar "Open Campus" with a talk on three main projects of our laboratory: SocSig, EthnoHate, and BeWell.

SCILA at the CMSTW'2021

This year SCILA was presented by Kirill Bryanov and Victoria Vziatysheva at the international conference "Comparative Media Studies in Today's World"

Join SCILA’s workshop on the design of online experiments

Laboratory for Social and Cognitive Informatics is organizing a workshop on the methodology of web-based experiments on June 22. It will be hosted by the Web Science Conference 2021.

Attention! SCILA is inviting you to take part in our Summer School in Experimental Methods & Simulations in Social and Cognitive Sciences!

The EMS-SCS Summer School will be held on July 13-22, 2021. You still have a chance to apply!

Olessia Koltsova presented the FakeNews Project results at the seminar Connected_Politics Lab (University College Dublin)

On the 24th of February Olessia Koltsova gave a talk "What Do Online Experiments Tell Us About Political Fake News Recognition and Trust?" based on the online experiments results conducted within the framework of the FakeNews Project at the seminar Connected_Politics Lab.

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