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 Laboratory Head 

Olessia (Elena) Koltsova

PhD in Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Humanities , HSE – St. Petersburg 

Research Interests: sociology of the Internet and of mass communication, political communication, online interpersonal communication, online social networks, text mining, big data analysis and modeling

Email: olessia.koltsova@gmail.com


Academic Supervisor

Reinhold Kliegl

PhD in Psychology, Senior professor of  psychology at the University of Potsdam, Germany

Research Interests: Eye movements, Microsaccades, Attention, Working memory, Reading, Data analysis and modeling, Cognitive aging



Research Fellows

Sergey Koltsov

Leading Research Associate 
Associate Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Business Informatics, St.Petersburg School of Economics and Management, HSE – Saint Petersburg.
PhD in Physics

Research Interests: Mathematical modeling in different fields:electronic/ionic optics,mass spectrometry, gas dynamics, topic modeling, sentiment analysis, neural networks; processes on the Internet

Email: kol-sergei@yandex.ru


Alexander Porshnev

Senior Research Fellow, Associate Professor, PhD in Pedagogical Psychology, Department of General and Strategic Management

Research Interests: Mathematical models and data mining in psychology, marketing and management (including social network analysis, cluster, factor, regression analysis and machine learning methods). Decision-making methods and decision-making psychology, Natural language processing, Pedagogical psychology, Cross-cultural psychology, Mental processes and states.

Email: aporshnev@hse.ru

Terpilowski Maxim

Senior research fellow, Phd in biology

Research Interests: machine learning, big data analysis

Email: mterpilovskiy@hse.ru

  Larisa Mararitsa 

Senior research fellow, Phd in social psychology, executive commitee member in Humantech company (Digital Freud)

Research Interests: computational psychology, cognitive social psychology, social capital, online communication, social intelligence, networking strategies, group psychology

Email: larisamararitsa@mail.ru
  Vera Ignatenko

Research Fellow, PhD in mathematics

Research interests: topic modeling, data analysis, machine learning, dynamical systems