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 Laboratory Head 


Olessia (Elena) Koltsova
PhD in Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Humanities , HSE – St. Petersburg 

Research Interests: sociology of the Internet and of mass communication, sociology of advertising, political communication, internet data analysis, internet community, online interpersonal communication, online social networks, text mining, big data analysis and modeling, clustering, mathematical algorithms, sociolinguistic algorithms

Email: olessia.koltsova@gmail.com


Research Fellows


Sergey Koltsov
Leading Research Associate, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Doctor of Science in Computer Science, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Business Informatics, St.Petersburg School of Economics and Management, HSE – Saint Petersburg, independent consultant at SIS (Scientific Instrument Services), developer of Virtual Device v. 21 (for SIMION®)

Research Interests: Machine learning in sociology, topic modeling, text sentiment analysis, neural networks, Internet research, Statistical physics, statistical theory of complex systems and its applications for processing big data from social networks, R language, Python, Delphi, Visual Studio c++, 3D technology (OpenGl), algorithmics, project management, OpenMP, CUDA, OpenCL technologies

Email: kol-sergei@yandex.ru


Maxim Terpilowski 
Senior Researcher, Phd in Biology 

Research interests: machine learning, big data analysis 

E-mail: mterpilovskiy@hse.ru


Larisa Mararitsa 
Senior research fellow, Phd in Social psychology, Senior Lecturer, Department of Social Psychology, St. Petersburg State University 

Research Interests: computational psychology, cognitive social psychology, social capital, online communication, social intelligence, networking strategies, group psychology

Email: larisamararitsa@mail.ru


Vera Ignatenko 
Research Fellow, PhD in mathematics

Research interests: topic modeling, data analysis, machine learning, dynamical systems

Email: veraignatenko93@gmail.com


Elena Artemenko (Nekrasova) 
Research intern, MA of neurolinguistics, PhD in Philology

Research interests: neurolinguistics, cognitive linguistics, eye movements during text perception, experimental research methods, natural language processing, embodied cognition

E-mail: nekrasovaed@yandex.ru


Hamid Keshavarz 
Research Fellow, PhD 

Research interests: false information, Information Retrieval, Social Aspects of Human-Computer Interaction, behavioral decision making, social media, online communication

E-mail: hkeshavarz@hse.ru



Yadviga Sinyawskaya
Junior Research Fellow, Lecturer at the Department of Sociology, St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences, PhD student at Department of Sociology, St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Humanities, HSE – St. Petersburg, MA in Social Psychology (Saint Petersburg State University)

Research Interests: Internet Studies, social psychology, online communication and online behavior, online privacy, SNA, online experiments 

Email: yasinyawskaya@mail.ru

  Elina Tsigeman 
Research intern

Research Interests: personality traits, working memory, learning, spatial abilities.

E-mail: tsigeman.es@gmail.com

   Evgenia Аlenina 
Research intern

Research Interests: cognitive psychology, individual differences in personality traits and learning, functional connectivity, mental fatigue.

E-mail: alenina.evgeniia@gmail.com

  Ksenia Bartseva 
Research intern

Research Interests: cognitive sciences, spatial abilities, eye tracking method, experimental methods

E-mail: bartseva.ksenia@gmail.com

  Olga Gundelah 
Research intern

Research Interests: cognitive psychology, development of experimental design, psychophysiological experimental methods, study of eye movements during text perception

E-mail: oolgabbelova@gmail.com