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Academic Supervisor

Paolo Rosso

Full Professor, Dept. of Computer Systems and Computation, Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain

Research Interests: Natural language processing (NLP), social media analysis

Email: prosso@dsic.upv.es



Olessia (Elena) Koltsova

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Humanities , HSE – St. Petersburg 

Research Interests: sociology of the Internet and of mass communication, political communication, online interpersonal communication, online social networks, text mining, big data analysis and modeling

Email: olessia.koltsova@gmail.com


Research Fellows

Sergey Koltsov

Deputy Director
Associate Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Business Informatics, St.Petersburg School of Economics and Management, HSE – Saint Petersburg.
PhD in Physics

Research Interests: Mathematical modeling in different fields:electronic/ionic optics,mass spectrometry, gas dynamics, topic modeling, sentiment analysis, neural networks; processes on the Internet.

Email: kol-sergei@yandex.ru

Alexander Porshnev

Associate Professor, PhD in Pedagogical Psychology, Department of General and Strategic Management

Research Interests: Mathematical models and data mining in psychology, marketing and management (including social network analysis, cluster, factor, regression analysis and machine learning methods). Decision-making methods and decision-making psychology, Natural language processing, Pedagogical psychology, Cross-cultural psychology, Mental processes and states.

Email: aporshnev@hse.ru
Terpilowski Maxim

Senior research fellow, Phd in biology

Research Interests: machine learning, big data analysis

Email: mterpilovskiy@hse.ru
Larisa Mararitsa 

Senior research fellow, Phd in social psychology, executive commitee member in Humantech company (Digital Freud)

Research Interests: computational psychology, cognitive social psychology, social capital, online communication, social intelligence, networking strategies, group psychology

Email: larisamararitsa@mail.ru
Vera Ignatenko

Research Fellow, PhD in mathematics

Research interests: topic modeling, data analysis, machine learning, dynamical systems

Yadviga Sinyawskaya

Junior Research Fellow, PhD student at Department of Sociology, St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Humanities, HSE – St. Petersburg
MA in Social Psychology (Saint Petersburg State University)

Research Interests: Internet Studies, social psychology, online communication and online behavior, online privacy, SNA, online experiments

Email: yasinyawskaya@mail.ru


Sergey Pashakhin

Research intern, PhD student at Department of Sociology, St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Humanities, HSE – St. Petersburg

MA in Sociology (HSE – St. Petersburg)

Research interests: internet communication, social problems, discourse analysis, inequalities.

E-mail: pashakhin@gmail.com